Docunym, a provider of web-based document management and workflow software for insurance, mortgage and financial services companies, announced the release of Docunym 2.2, a major enhancement enabling users to manage and retrieve loan documents faster and more efficiently.

Docunym 2.2 allows for easy and secure document sharing with non-Docunym users while keeping existing encryption and audit trails in place. The new system also includes an enhanced document upload feature that enables users to drag and drop files from their computers into the appropriate Docunym folder. Users are also able to select and work with batches of documents so that updates and workflow actions are performed across all selected records resulting in increased efficiency.

“Docunym 2.2 provides the capability to securely communicate across geographic, technological and business lines,” said Steve Wiser, CEO of Docunym. “The upgrade was designed specifically to allow data to easily transcend different technology platforms without sacrificing security.”