Mortgage Lenders and Servicers

Docunym has out of the box configurations for the mortgage servicing industry:

  • Loan Based Document Types
  • Commonly used Loan Document Workflows
  • Secure Investor Access to Documents
  • Secure Storage and Automatic Disaster Recovery


Immediately use Docunym for your mortgage servicing needs

In addition to all of the power and functionality or Docunym, this pre-configured system will be usable out-of-the-box with the following functionality:

Secure Investor Access

  • Investors can be setup with access to the system that allows them to access only their loan portfolio information.
  • Granular security controls can be granted by your administrators.
  • Internal users can be assigned only to those loan portfolios, documents, and workflows that they need access to.


Regulatory Compliance

  • Workflow processes that determine if loans do not have the required documents. These loans can be sent to specified departments and users for follow-up.
  • Loan documents are easily accessible when needed for audit purposes, or investor and customer requests.
  • All data is encrypted end-to-end, including while at rest.
  • All actions are logged in a reportable audit trail.



  • The system dashboard gives managers a real time overview of all workflows and processes.
  • Users can develop custom reports for the KPIs that are critical for management without the need for help from developers or IT resources.
  • Reports can be downloaded into Excel format.


Integration with Other Systems

  • Open web services to tie in your Loan Servicing System to Docunym
  • Document images can be used directly by your Borrower Portal