Docunym Cloud Document Management
Searching and viewing a document via the cloud in Docunym On-Demand


Docunym On-Demand

Our Docunym On-Demand cloud based document management system offers:

  • Sign-up and immediately start using your cloud ECM system
  • Access your system from anywhere on the internet, or control access through IP whitelisting
  • SBS takes care of your data backup, replication, and encryption
  • Storage can be added immediately and relatively indefinitely
  • Pricing is by concurrent user and storage


Some features of Docunym

Both Docunym On-Demand and Docunym On-Premise offer the same set of features:

  • Fully web browser based document management and workflow
  • Role based security
  • Full audit trails
  • Full data encryption
  • Concurrent, parallel workflow
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • WebDAV Integration into Windows Explorer
  • Annotations, redactions, and shielded views of documents
  • Single document scanning and barcode batch scanning
  • Upload documents through the web, secure FTP, or S3
  • Automatically capture and load emails
  • Automatic full-text OCR of all documents
  • Easy search and retrieval of documents
  • Store any file type
  • Full set of web-service APIs
  • Any many more!


Frequently asked questions about Docunym On-Demand:

Are my documents secure utilizing Docunym On-Demand?

Docunym On-Demand is hosted or cloud software often known as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). This means that the actual software, database, and content are stored outside of your network, in this case in the Amazon Cloud.

The Amazon Cloud is a world-class data center with redundant backup, connectivity and security complete with a SOC 2 and SSAE 16.

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In addition to the security and protection that Amazon has put in place Docunym takes it further. All connections to Docunym On-Demand travel over a secure network connection using HTTPS. We add an additional layer of security by also encrypting every document and data file you store within Docunym On-Demand. Your data is backed up and snapshots are utilized on a daily basis.

Docunym is a registered Amazon Web Services Technology Partner
Docunym AWS Technology Partner

Who owns the data if I’m using Docunym On-Demand?

Although we are responsible for maintaining and backing up your database on the Amazon Cloud, the data and documents belong entirely to you. You can request that a backup copy be shipped to you at any time. Your service agreement will describe your ownership of your data and our responsibility to maintain its confidentiality.