The Docunym Advantage

  • Affordable enterprise document management and workflow available from your web browser
  • Go paperless in minutes with no software to install
  • Powerful workflow engine with table-driven business rules enables automation of your existing processes
  • Enhancement of management oversight and quality control
  • Supports both high speed batch, single document scanning and document imaging, email processing, and secure FTP uploads
  • Automatic full-text OCR for efficient data entry and document retrieval
  • Multiple levels of integration with other systems using an open web services API, or non-programming double-click technology
  • Leverage end-to-end encryption automatically. From the web browser to the stored documents, all of the traffic and data is encrypted and protected
  • No confusing pricing schedules
  • Harness the power and reliability of the Cloud for your document management needs.

The Reliability of the Cloud

Docunym is an On-Demand service catered to fit your document management needs. No matter where you are you will receive a great document imaging system that fits perfectly into your business processes. Web based document management and workflow has never been so easy to implement!